MorganHyatte LLC


The master level public speaking workshop is designed specifically for those who speak on a regular basis, but want to polish their skills in a safe, professional environment.

Part One – Group Workshop is a group discussion about the five principles of good communication, and how to engage an audience, how to present data effectively, how to teach complex ideas simply and accessibly, and how to tap into genuine enthusiasm. The topics include:

•     Writing vs. Speaking

•     Finding Common Ground

•     Inserting Personal Experience

•     Selecting Relevant Cases and Examples

•     Identifying a Single Theme

•     Making Simple Actions Steps

•     Voice Clarity: Diction, Phrasing and Volume

•     Creating Clear Audio Visual Aids

•     How to End Strongly

Part Two – Practice (One hour per person) In the second session, each participant practices a full talk. It is most effective if at least one other colleague attends for peer review. Here, we make sure all the elements that go into a powerful speech are implemented and each speaker is utilizing all the tools to the best of their ability. Video feedback is provided, though often over the phone at a later date.


We also provide guidance on how to build lasting relationships with clients and how to network with those in and around the legal profession.  We believe that basic communication skills are fundamental for your career and your personal life - and though everyone is capable of acquiring them, they still must be learned, practiced and mastered.  In the end, there's no substitute for a face to face meeting and no deal is ever complete without a hand shake.