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Our seminar helps young attorneys make a strong impression during job interviews. This highly interactive session focuses on the most common questions that applicants are likely to face and how to formulate the best responses. Equally important, these strategies can be applied to the multitude of surprise questions candidates will likely face.  Throughout the seminar, participants respond to a series of mock questions so they can learn from each other in a public setting.  By the end, students feel more confident about their interview skills and learn valuable communication techniques that will continue to serve them after they land the job.

Time: Two hours for an unlimited number of attendees

“They asked, almost verbatim, 7 of the 10 questions. Thankfully I had rehearsed them already.”

- Erin Andrechek, Duke University

I. Pre-Interview

This section of the seminar covers the thorough research that candidates should conduct in order to understand the employer and its culture. The Pre-Interview also explores ways to develop questions that accurately reflect a candidate’s knowledge of the employer and job vacancy.

II. The 10 most common questions

III. Answering in Imagery

     IV.     Hints and “Land Mines”

Issues regarding delivery, length of answer, manners, and dress will be discussed.  Additionally, how to handle potential “land mines” that may be raised during an interview.

V. Group Practice Questions

Volunteers are selected to practice specific questions so that the group can witness the refinement process required toward developing clear answers.

VI.   Follow-up Assignments